Kyushu Historical Museum

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What is the Kyushu Historical Museum?

~ It is a museum of the history of Fukuoka Prefecture. ~

 Kyushu is located in the west Japan and facing the Asian Continent, so it has played an important role like a gate to other countries. Kyushu Historical Museum was opened in 1973 in order to clarify the history of Kyushu and its characteristics. Since then, we have researched and studied a lot of historical things such as the excavation of Dazaifu remains. In our exhibition rooms we display valuable property, which we excavated and studied.

 This year we moved from Dazaifu to Mitsusawa, Ogori. Ogori City has a lot of historical remains and this new museum is next to the Mitsusawa remains, which is a designated site in Fukuoka Prefecture.

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The main building A two-story constructed of ferroconcrete and steel frames.
The general treasury Constructed of a steel frames.
The building site About 35,000m²
The floor space About 9,000m²
The construction costs About 3.6 billion yen. (For the main building and the general treasury)

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